Assignment Overview:

  • A variety of artifacts from our experiential sessions submitted—or evidence of students’ work, such as photographs, submitted—through Canvas.
  • Students work individually or in groups
  • Lab assignments generally due within one week of the lab session.


For the first half of the semester, we will devote one day each week to experiential work learning more about historical or contemporary book technologies. When we are working remotely, these will be “drop-in” sessions you can attend live, but they’ll also be recorded so you can view them at your own pace. If public health allows us to schedule a few small-group, in-person activities, but these will be streamed and recorded for those unable to attend in-person.

Whether online or in-person, each of these labs will give you an activity to complete, either following along at home to make something (a zine or book binding, for instance), responding to what you’ve watched, or (possibly) working live. My aim will be that both instruction and activity can both be completed within a normal class period, so you should not be spending too much additional time on these labs.

In general, evidence that you have completed these activities will be due within a week of the lab session. Precisely what you will submit will vary widely by lab, but they will typically be submitted through Canvas.