Using this Schedule

Accessing Readings

All our readings will be available online or through a digital course packet in Leganto, which can be found through Canvas’ left-hand navigation. If there’s not a link directly to a text in the schedule below, check Leganto.

Weekly Structure

Though we will mostly meet virtually in Fall 2020, I still consider this a studio course, and most weeks—with marked exceptions—will include class discussions; virtual “book labs” exploring book technologies; and open-format studio sessions. Depending on whether you are on-campus or remote, you might decide to host your studio sessions virtually or in person; if you choose the latter, your group must follow all COVID safety precautions.

With a few marked exceptions, our schedule each week will follow these formats:

Early Semester

  • Wednesdays: discussion of readings, which must be prepared—and discussion prep submitted—in advance of the session
  • Fridays: applied book labs in a particular textual technology, sometimes synchronous—and very occasionally in-person, if public health allows—and sometimes asynchronous

Mid- to Late-Semester

  • Wednesdays: discussion of readings, which must be prepared—and discussion prep submitted—in advance of the session
  • Various days: documented meetings of studio groups, for at least 90 minutes each week, to support final project development
  • Biweekly: brief check-ins with the professor, either during scheduled student hours or another arranged time

A Key to the Schedule

Following each day on the schedule are two letters in parentheses, which indicate our primary modalities for that day. The first letter indicates the class’ location, physical or virtual; the second indicates its temporal dimensions. As you likely know by now, by default NUFlex courses are expected to be synchronous and allow students to join in-person or remotely, but there will be some variation in this course. Here’s a full rundown:

  • R = Remote. I will join the class remotely, likely through Zoom, or we will complete an activity remotely. If you are on campus, you should be able to join these classes from our NUFlex-enabled classroom, though to be directly, the kinds of discussions I hope to foster are likely easier to facilitate through Zoom than if some of your are online and some of you are spread out across a large classroom. The technology in NUFlex classrooms primarily supports lecture rather than discussion, and this course will include virtually no lecture. In other words, you should feel free to join classes designed “R” from wherever is most convenient to you.
  • I = In-person. If public health allows, students will have the option to meet in-person to complete an activity on campus. We will reserve these moments for high-impact course activities and we must be prepared to shift online if public health guidance changes.
  • I/R = In-person/Remote. Technically all in-person activities could be designated I/R, as students always have the option to join remotely under NUFlex. However, the I/R designation will appear on studio sessions, as each studio group can choose to meet together on campus—while following safety guidelines—or to meet remotely.
  • S = Synchronous. We will meet together during our regularly-scheduled course time.
  • A = Asynchronous. We will not meet during our course time, but instead will complete an activity or brief assignment, posted on Canvas, within a particular window of time.
  • S/A = Synchronous/Asynchronous. This hybrid designation means I will walk through the day’s activity live, at our usual scheduled course time, but am happy for you to either join me live or watch the recording and complete the activity within the designated window (for our book labs, typically 1 week).

So, by way of example, the designation R,S would mean, remote synchronous, in which case you would expect to meet at the same time as your classmates in a virtual platform, such as zoom. I,A would mean in-person asynchronous, in which case you would expect to be scheduled to participate in an on-campus activity, such as in the letterpress studio, individually or in small groups.


Week 1 ❧ Introductions

Wednesday, September 9 (R,S)


Friday, September 11 (R,S)

Guest Lecturer: Molly Brown, Reference and Outreach Archivist, Northeastern University Libraries

Book Lab 1: Virtual visit, Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections

Week 2 ❧ What Is a Book?

Wednesday, September 16 (R,S)


Thursday, September 17: Course Grading Contracts DUE

Friday, September 18 (R,A)

Book Lab 2: Preparing to Print

Week 3 ❧ Print

Wednesday, September 23 (R,S)


Friday, September 25 (I,A)

Book Lab 3: tiny-group activity at Huskiana Letterpress Studio. Use the first sheet on the sign-up sheet here to claim a spot for 9/25. Please note:

  • You must complete Book Lab 2, “Preparing to Print,” prior to arriving for your appointment in order to minimize close contact while you are in studio.
  • You must wear a mask to the studio.
  • Sanitizer will be provided at the entrance, as will gloves, which must be worn throughout the workshop.

Week 4 ❧ Zines

Guest Lecturers: Giordana Mecagni, Head of Archives and Special Collections, and Molly Brown, Reference and Outreach Archivist, Northeastern University Libraries

Wednesday, September 30 (R,S)


Friday, October 2 (I,S)

Book Lab 4: Making zines. Make sure to order your zine kit well in advance! Use the second sheet on the sign-up sheet here to claim a spot for 10/2.

Week 5 ❧ E-lit

Wednesday, October 7 (R,S)


Friday, October 9 (R,S/A)

Book Lab 5: Twine

Week 6 ❧ Book Alterities

Wednesday, October 14 (R,S)


Friday, October 16 (R,S)

Book lab 6: Artists’ books

Monday, October 19 Book, Proposals DUE

Week 7 ❧ Binding

Wednesday, October 21 (R,S)


Friday, October 23 (I,S)

Book Lab 7: Pamphlet-stitch binding. Make sure you’ve ordered your book-binding supplies ahead of time so you can bring them to the session. Use the third sheet on the sign-up sheet here to claim a spot for 10/23. Please note:

Week 8 ❧ End Papers

Wednesday, October 28 (R,S)


Friday, October 30 (I/R,A)

Studio groups

Week 9 ❧ Future Books

Wednesday, November 4 (R,S)


Friday, November 6 (I/R,A)

Studio groups

Week 10 ❧ Studio

Wednesday, November 11

No class: Veterans’ Day

Thursday, November 12, Prototype DUE

Friday, November 13 (I/R,A)

Studio groups

Week 11 ❧ Fabrication

Wednesday, November 18 (R,S)


Friday, November 20 (I/R,A)

Studio groups


Week 13+ ❧ Final project presentations

Wednesday, December 2 (I/R,A)

Studio groups

Friday, December 4 (I,S)

Final book presentations, group 1

Wednesday, December 9 (I,S)

Final book presentations, group 2